Projector Repair and Service in London UK

White dots on projector screen repair, vertical lines on projector screen, horizontal lines on projector screen repairs. To fix an affected projector, the DMD chip has to be replaced. This is where we come in

We have qualified electronic engineers with years of experience. Avail of our free assessment. We fix all models of 3M, Acer, Barco, Benq, Christie, Dell, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, Infocus, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nobo, Optoma, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Smartboard, Sim2, Sony, Viewsonic, Vivitek, Xiaomi etc.

Projector Repair and Service in London UK

Projector Power Issues. Intermittent Shutdowns.


Most high-end projectors, such as Barco projectors are fitted with fans, colour wheels, filters, and lamps that are programmed to run for a certain number of times called TBO or TBOH Time between overhauls’ as in airplanes.
When the counters record the number of cycles as programmed, the machine may no longer boot, or it may boot with error code such as ‘Low Frequency Maintenance Error’. Even though the lamp is ignited briefly, Ignition will fail.

Temp/Lamp Blinking Red . Status Light Flashing Blue


Epson projectors are famous for the 3 red blinking light, this is often preceded by fan overdrives. Also flashing blue status light. Lamp ignition failure. For JVC D-ILA projectors. It is 6 red or amber lights, depending on models. Sony projectors, Mitsubishi, etc all have these indicators. When this happens, The  lamp may need to be replaced, or ignitor is faulty, ditto faulty processor board, faulty main board, locked fan, or faulty colour wheel, or auto iris issue, etc.

Burnt Patches, large Static Stains on Projector Image


This is a common issue with LCD and DLP projectors. For DPL projectors, It could be as a result of burnt aspherical plastic lens. This aspherical plastic lens is deep inside the lens assembly. Burnt to the aspherical plastic lens cannot be cleaned.  Replacement is imperative.
Infrared (IR) filters in integrated dichroic glass in the optical assembly are meant to filter out heat from the lamp from reaching the more delicate optical elements along the light path.

Dust and Dark Spots on Projector Image


Projector lens assembly are sealed. However, very fine dust particles do find their way inside the lens cavity. Alternating heat and cooling events excite these particles and cause them to bond into irregular shapes that grow over time and becomes visible on images.  Regular maintenance is the only preventative measure that is effective against this phenomenon.

Yellow, Red, Green, Purple Hue on Projector Display


LED light source produces higher brightness to conventional UHP lamps, longer lifetime, lower power consumption, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), However, for the same power input, laser diode light engine gives brighter display because the laser diode light beam are more focused as opposed to that of LED light that is more scattered.

Dull and Dim Projector Display

Yellow-red-or-green only-projector-display

When the images projected by a projector becomes dull or dimmed. The first question is what type of projector it is. DLP, LCD, LED, LCoS, Laser or SXRD powered projector.
If DMD, areas of attention would firs the least difficult to access component; the lamp. Ensure that the bulb is clean and free of dust. If new lamp is installed and the dullness persist, likelihood of failing DMD chip is high.

No Inputs Recognized by Projector


Projector nowadays are equipped with a range of input ports; VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, USB, RCA, Optical port and Component Video, Composite Video and S-Video, RS-322 port,  12V Trigger, and Network.

All these ports communicate with the motherboard via an integrated circuit [IC] on the board called controllers. A port will stop working or communication may become erratic when this controller has died.

Broken Colour Wheel. Projector Light Tunnel


Noisy projector? Maybe a whirring noise whenever the projector is working.
DPL projector missing one or more colours? Any piece of glass rattling about inside the machine?
These could be the result of a broken colour wheel. Color wheels are responsible for parsing colour to the screen where your images are being displayed.
We can replace your colour wheel speedily with warranty as well.

SXRD Panel Replacement. LCD Panel Replacement


Have you a projector using SXRD panels such as Sony GH series?  Some of these machines are classed as high Dynamic Range (HDR) projectors, also 4K HW SXRD Home Theater Projector series with dull image or dark patches on the image projected?

As in LCD projectors. SXRD panels do suffer burnout. When this happens,  SXRD panels need replacement and recalibrations.. We can help.

Projector Maintenance UK


Laser Diode Projectors

LCoS & DLP Projectors


LED, LCD and SXRD Projectors

Projector Maintenance

At Wells Electronics, it is all about projectors. Repairs when they are broken, preventative maintenance to prevent downtime.

Maintenance Service includes optical engine and LCD assembly cleaning for LCD projectors. SXRD panels cleaning, DMD cleaning, light tunnel and colour wheel cleaning for DLP projectors, etc.

These guarantees efficiency, brightness and lifetime of your projector.

Basic Maintenance Option – Inspection, chassis cleaning including air filter replacement, software upgrades. Colur calibration, lens assembley test and cleaning where necessary, input/output ports check.

Optimum Maintenance Option – Includes Level 1, plus fans and filters replacement, laser diode light replacement, Lamp ignitor replacement [Ballast], power supply replacement, LCD panel replacement, DMD chip replacement, SRXD replacement, projector motherboard replacement, etc.

Service Options

  • Projector Chassis Cleaning;
    Outside and inside cleaning,  cooling system cleaning (fan and air filters).
  • Light Engine Cleaning;
    mirror condenser, color wheel, external lens cleaning.
  • inputs Port Testing;
    HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video, and S-Video, 12V Trigger, [Electric Screen] Network, RS-322, 3.5mm Output [Stereo Speakers], Optical Port [Digital Sound Transmission] RCA, 3.5mm input [Image only signal], Component video [Analog video signals – Nintendo, etc], Composite video [Video Cameras], S-video [Analog video signal], etc.
  • restoring projectors to factory default settings