24 March 2021


We repair all Eiki projector models for various uses, such as; classroom projectors, home multimedia projectors, business and enterprise level presentation projectors and projectors for places of worship.

Repair and maintenance support for wide range of Eiki projector technologies and features

Lens types of Standard throw, Exchangeable lens, Short throw, Ultra short throw with light source of Laser, Lamp, LED, DuraCore MultiColor Laser, DuraCore Laser offering native resolutions from UHD (3840 x 2160), WUXGA (1920 x 1200), 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080), XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1280 x 800), and SVGA (800 x 600)

Genuine Eiki Projector Lamps

We also stock genuine lamps for various Eiki projector models… If your projector is not listed below, do a search in the shop page or give us a call.

EIKI EIP-WX5000*, EIKI EK-100W*, EIKI EK-1100LU, EIKI EK-120U, EIKI EK-121W, EIKI EK-302X*, EIKI EK-306U*, EIKI EK-307W*, EIKI EK-308U, EIKI EK-309W, EIKI EK-350U*, EIKI EK-355U, EIKI EK-502X*, EIKI EK-502XL*, EIKI EK-510U, EIKI EK-510UL, EIKI EK-511W*, EIKI EK-511WL*, EIKI EK-512X*, EIKI EK-512XL*, EIKI EK-600U*, EIKI EK-612X*, EIKI EK-621W*, EIKI EK-623U*, EIKI EK-623UW*, EIKI EK-625U*, EIKI EK-800U*, EIKI EK-811W*, EIKI EK-815U*, EIKI EK-820U*, EIKI EK-831DU, EIKI EK-833DU, EIKI EK-836DU, EIKI EK-850LU, EIKI LC-WNB3000N*, EIKI LC-XNB3500N*, EIKI LC-XNB4000N*, EIKI LC-XT6*

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Image Problems
No image appears on-screen
Ensure all the cables and power connections are correctly and securely connected as described in the “Installation” section.
Ensure the pins of connectors are not crooked or broken.
Check if the projection lamp has been securely installed.
Ensure that the “Blank” feature is not turned on
Partial, scrolling or incorrectly displayed image
Press “Auto Sync” on the remote control.
If you are using a PC:
For Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP:
1. Open the “My Computer” icon, the “Control Panel” folder, and then double click on the “Display” icon.
2.  Select the “Settings” tab
3.  Verify that your display resolution setting is lower than or equal to 1080p.
For Windows Vista, Windows 7:
1. From the “My Computer” icon, open the “Control Panel” folder, and double click the “Appearance and Personalization”
2. Select “Display”.
3. Click “Adjust resolution” to display “Screen resolution”.
4. Verify that your display resolution setting is lower than or equal to 1080p
If the projector is still not projecting the whole image, you will also need to change the monitor display you are using. Refer to the following steps.
1. Select the “Change” under the “Monitor” tab.
2. Click on “Show all devices”. Next, select “Standard monitor types” under the SP box; choose the resolution mode you need under the “Models” box.
3. Verify that the resolution setting of the monitor display is lower than or equal to 1080p.
If you are using a Notebook:
First, follow the steps above to adjust resolution of the computer.
Press the toggle output settings. example: [Fn]+[F4].
Acer [Fn]+[F5]
Asus [Fn]+[F8]
Dell [Fn]+[F8]
Gateway [Fn]+[F4]
IBM/Lenovo [Fn]+[F7]
HP/Compaq [Fn]+[F4]
NEC [Fn]+[F3]
Toshiba [Fn]+[F5]
Mac Apple System Preference -> Display ->Arrangement -> Mirror display
If you experience difficulty changing resolutions or your monitor freezes, restart all equipment including the projector.
The screen of the Notebook or PowerBook computer is not displaying your presentation
Some Notebook PCs may deactivate their own screens when a second display device is in use. Each has a different way to be reactivated. Refer to your computer’s documentation for detailed information.
Image is unstable or flickering
Adjust the “Phase” to correct it. Refer to the “Screen” section on pages 25 for more information.
Change the monitor color setting from your computer.
Image has vertical flickering bar
Use “Clock” to make an adjustment. Refer to the “Screen” section for more information.
Check and reconfigure the display mode of your graphic card to make it compatible with the product.
Image is out of focus
Adjust the “Focus Ring” on the projector lens.
Make sure the projection screen is within the required distance.
The image is stretched when displaying 16:9 DVD title
When you play anamorphic DVD or 16:9 DVD, the projector will show the best image in 16: 9 format on projector side.
If you play 4:3 format DVD title, please change the format as 4:3 in projector OSD.
If the image is still stretched, you will also need to setup the display format as 16:9 (wide) aspect ratio type on your DVD player.
Image is too small or too large
Move the projector closer to or further from the screen.
Press “Menu” on the remote control or on the control panel. Go to “Screen” –> “Aspect Ratio”and try the different settings
Image has slanted sides:
If possible, reposition the projector so that it is centered on the screen and below the bottom of the screen.
Use “Screen” –> “V Keystone” from the OSD to make an adjustment.
Image is reversed
Select “Screen” –> “Ceiling Mount” from the OSD and adjust the projection direction
Projector Problems
The projector stops responding to all controls
If possible, turn off the projector, then unplug the power cord and wait at least 20 seconds before reconnecting power.
Lamp burns out or makes a popping sound
When the lamp reaches its end of life, it will burn out and may make a loud popping sound. If this happens, the projector will not turn on until the lamp module has been replaced. To replace the lamp, follow the procedures in the “Replacing the Lamp” section on manual.
Remote Control Problems
If the remote control does not work
Check the operating angle of the remote control is within ±30° both horizontally and vertically of one of the IR receivers on the projector.
Make sure there are not any obstructions between the remote control and the projector. Move to within 7 m (±0°) of the projector.
Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.
Replace batteries if they are exhausted.
Sound Problems
If no sound from the projector
If you are playing an external source, make sure you have an audio cable securely connected between the source device and the projector’s audio input.
Please make sure the external speakers are not connected.
Make sure the volume is not set to minimum.
Make sure the “Volume –> Mute” function is set to “Off”
3D Problems
Blurry double image Select is blurry double image.English …46″3D” –> “3D” from OSD and choose “Off” to avoid normal 2D image
Two images, Side-by-Side(Half) format
Select “3D” –> “3D Format” from OSD and choose “Side-by-Side(Half)” for input signal is HDMI 1.4a 3D. 3D Format is only supported on 3D Timing.
Image does not display in 3D Check if the battery of 3D glasses is drained.Check if the 3D glasses is turned on.Select”3D” –> “3D Format” from OSD and choose “Side-by-Side(Half)” for input signal is HDMI 1.4a 3D. 3D Format is only supported on 3D Timing.
On Screen Messages
Power off confirm Power Off? Press power key again.
Fan lock error Warning! FAN LOCKED The projector will switch off automatically.
No source found VGA 1 No Source Found
Out of display range VGA Out of display range
Over temperature Warning! TEMPERATURE TOO HIGH
Please: 1. Make sure air in and outlets are not blocked. 2. Make sure the environment temperature is under 40 degree