11 March 2021

Xiaomi Projector Repair -

Xiaomi projector repair. Maintenance and support services for wide range of Xiaomi projectors, VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV, Fengmi 4K UST laser projector, and Wemax Nova 4K UHD laser projectors

Xiaomi projector laser optical block DMD heat sink replacement

Xiaomi Mijia 4K UST laser projector, a VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV, Fengmi 4K UST laser projector, or Wemax Nova 4K UHD Laser projector maintenance services.
Lack of maintenance will provoke white vertical lines lines on the display. White spots on projector display, projector boot failure, etc.

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Xiaomi projector chassis cleaning and chassis fans replacement

Dust and soot on projector fans and vents the fans compromise their efficiency and lead to overheating which in turn may result in intermittent shutdowns and the failure of the DMD Chip. Our maintenance service covers the replacement of all four fans. Guaranteeing you as new performance of your 4K ultra short throw projector

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Xiaomi 4K UST laser projectors DMD chip failure and replacement

Xiaomi 4K UST laser projectors also use Texas Instrument DMD chips. Overheating causes DMD chips to develop white spots.

The white spots or dots may be few initially, however, over time the dots increase until the screen is completely or partially covered with dots as to make viewing

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4K UST laser projectors Repair Services.

Noisy projector fans? Overheating projectors? Intermittent shutdowns? If you are already thinking about replacing your projector, try us first

Noisy Fans and Heat Sinks

Noisy fans? Fan locked message? overheating? intermittent shutdowns? Poor image quality? Sometimes, maintenance service is all you need. If that fails, we can help with all these issues and more. Our fees are sympa, logistics fine tuned, evaluation free and warranty assured. Try us today.

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Xiaomi 4K UST projectors make ose of DMD chips. At some point, white spots will start to appear. This indicates failing DMD chips. You may also notice white or coloured vertical or horizontal lines; failing DMD heat sink… depending on what you are experiencing, replacement of the DMD chip will eradicate the white spot

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Broken Projector Colour Wheel

Buzzing noise? Occasional flickers or persistent flickering with colour distortions? This could be due to broken or faulty colour wheel. Dust and soot can settle on the wheel segments resulting in frictions. Also, faulty Colour wheel sensor board or motors. Where cleaning wont help, we can replace the colour wheel.

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